Will Laundry Detergent Kill Grass | Complete Guide

Some people like to sprinkle soapy water using laundry detergent on the lawn. It is not a good idea to do this without knowing its effect on the grass. It must be considered whether it is harmful or beneficial for the grass.

Grass thrives under special conditions. But on the contrary, some harmful conditions can kill it. Including laundry detergent water.

It is safe for your clothes. It can easily remove dirt, grime, grease, and dust from clothes. However, using it on lawns can also kill the grass.

Whether you accidentally spill detergent or use it as a pesticide, take precautions to prevent it from killing your grass.

How does laundry detergent affect grassroots? Some people use it as an insecticide on grass. We will tell further on that topic as well. So, definitely read this article till the end.

can laundry detergent kill grass

Will Laundry Detergent Kill Grass

Detergent can kill the grass. Water with chemical-based laundry detergent will have a negative effect on the grass. If you sprinkle the soapy water made from it in the garden. So, you will see that after a few hours, the grass has withered.

After using soapy water on the lawn, the grass turns brown after a few days. It dries slowly. In this way, it dies for about 1-2 weeks only.

Therefore, the water of laundry detergent should be sprinkled on the lawn only after thinking or taking advice. Know, What kills ringworm in laundry

How Laundry Detergent Affects Grass of Lawn

When you put soapy water or laundry water in the garden. So it moves downwards forming small bubbles in the soil.

It reaches the roots of the grass and starts dying slowly. Due to the effect of the chemicals of the detergent, the grass starts drying up, and after a few days, it dies.

What Depends

The death of grass from shop water depends on some factors which can be the following

1. Ingredients of Laundry Detergent

If the laundry detergent is of very poor quality and is made of chemicals. Which has a lot of brighteners, sulfates, and fragrance mixed in it, so it can definitely kill the grass ahead of time.

2. Type of Grass

There is something in the grass that even laundry detergent can take a long time to kill. But there are also some delicate varieties that can be killed with just a little shop water.

Therefore, the ending of the grass also depends on its variety, which turns into full color after a few days and ends.

3. Soil Fertility

If the soil is not fertile, the laundry detergent water will bubble up immediately. Which will soon reach the roots of the grass, and start drying it out.

4. Quantity of Detergent

If the water contains too much detergent, and you pour it on the grass of the lawn, it will kill it within a day or two. Know, Why most detergents are only blue in color

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Can Laundry Detergent Be Used As An Insecticide On Grass

Some people use laundry detergent as an insecticide. We advise you to be careful before using it in this way.

Use one teaspoon of detergent and add it to a bucket of water. After this, prepare a solution for it. Then you can sprinkle it like an insecticide on the entire lawn.

Keep in mind, if necessary, to make this solution more diluted. Because more chemical-based detergents should be used only when necessary.

It contains brighteners, chemicals, phosphates, sulfates, and fragrances. Which will give you fragrance and make your garden or lawn free from insects. So, It is safe to use EPA-approved detergents.

The soapy water penetrates the skin cells of the insects, causing dehydration and death of the insects. If its quantity is high then it will definitely kill the grass from there.

Necessary Precaution: To use laundry detergent as an insecticide, you must use gloves on your hands and a mask on your mouth. Its chemicals can give you skin infections, headaches, and other respiratory diseases. Know about, Detergents and yeast infections.

Can You Pour Laundry Water Into The Garden

Before doing this you need to pay attention to the following things.

Do not use chemical-based laundry detergent. Which is especially dangerous. Do not use bleach and chlorine in your laundry, as these begin to kill grass right away.

Keep the laundry water for a few hours or overnight. When its dust, soil, and dirt settle down. So sprinkle only the upper, less dirty water in the garden or lawn. It won’t let the grass die.

You drain the bottom sediment and excess dirty water. Keep in mind, do not pour water in one place, it is right to sprinkle it there.


The laundry and dish detergent are capable of killing the grass. Its chemicals dry up the grass and kill it. With precautions, you can also use it as an insecticide.

If you have doubts or any questions on the things mentioned by us, then you must write below so that we can answer them. Know, Does dish soap kill mold


Does Detergent Kill Grass Permanently

Chemical-based detergents can kill grass permanently. This can turn the grass brown. Then it will not be green again.

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