Why Is Laundry Detergent Blue in Color (Know in Detail)

As you have seen, many laundry detergents are blue in color. The blue color of its is due to the optical brighteners, that are included in it.

We are going to tell you the whole reason in this article. Therefore, you keep moving forward and learning more about this topic in detail.

why is laundry detergent blue

Why Is Laundry Detergent Blue

It has one main synthetic chemical ingredient. These are optical brighteners, which are known as optical brighteners, optical brightening agents (OBAs), fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs), or fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs). Its primary purpose is to make the clothes look white, shiny, and clean.

It is added to both liquid and powder detergents. Due to this, dirt and dirt are removed from the clothes and the clothes appear clean and tidy. It can absorb ultraviolet rays.

Hence, they emit blue color when they come in contact with light. This is the reason why most laundry detergents are blue in color. that you usually see. Know more about, killing ringworm in the laundry.

Why Is Some Laundry Detergent Green In Color

A Detergent being green means it is environmentally friendly. Anyway, green things are considered environmentally friendly. Green detergents do not harm nature, it remains nature friendly.

It can be recycled easily and does not harm the resources. It uses less water, it is also safe for sensitive skin and septic systems.

Of course, it is good for cleaning clothes, freeing them from dirt and dust. It is also not harmful to sea creatures compared to chemical-based laundry detergent. More, Banned laundry detergents in NY.

Some Uses of Optical Brighteners

Normally washed clothes appear yellow which is not liked by the consumers. Therefore, brighteners are commonly added to detergents to make clothes appear cleaner. Which, cleaning the clothes well, fulfills the choice of the consumers.

Optical brighteners have many other uses as well. They are also used in the manufacture of paper, paint, printing ink, textiles, plastics, and cosmetics. But it is unsafe to use them, so you must check their availability in the ingredients before buying the product.

It is also used to detect wastewater leaks, kill agricultural pests, and help with medical diagnostic procedures.

Keep in Mind

Optical brighteners are not biodegradable and can bio-accumulate. They should be used at least. You choose eco-friendly laundry detergents.

Brighteners pose a potential hazard to aquatic life. Their use has increased. Furthermore, according to a 2011 report by the European Ecolabel Commission on criteria for detergents, optical brighteners undergo photo-degradation.

Many metabolites may be produced that have not yet been identified. Which means we don’t know the real potential impacts on the environment. This can be a sign of a big danger for the earth. Know, Can laundry detergent freeze?


I hope you have come to know the real reason behind the blue color of detergent for laundry. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section, and we will be happy to answer you.

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