What Kills Ringworm In Laundry (Does Borax, Detergent, Bleach, Dryer Kill It)

Ringworm is a common skin infection caused by fungus. It should not be ignored. All skin experts give this advice. Rid your home of ringworm as quickly as possible. It is a small infection that increases and causes problems for the skin. This becomes a big problem.

Where Does Ringworm Come From In Clothes

There can be many reasons for ringworm in clothes. By coming in contact with or living near any pet like a dog, cat, etc. It can reach the clothes and infects even by coming in contact with the skin of an infected person who has infected.

It spreads quickly by using the clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc., of an infected person, thus making its way to the laundry. Ultimately, it becomes a difficult task to eliminate it from the laundry. Here, we are going to give you complete information about the same topic in this article.

what kills ringworm in laundry

What Kills Ringworm In Laundry

Here are six effective ways to kill ringworm in the laundry. Using these genuine methods, you can eliminate its infestation completely from laundry. Which are the following.

1. Hot Water

Hot water can also eliminate ringworm easily. There is no need to worry about this because hot water can be easily obtained. You can easily remove it with warm water by running setting of the machine on warm mode.

But too hot water is not good for the fibers of the clothes, and it spoils the clothes quickly. Therefore, you should use less hot water in loads with laundry detergent, bleach, or Lysol.

2. Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent can kill ringworm spores, and for that, you need to wash clothes with both hot water and detergent. For this, you should use chemical-based or antibacterial laundry detergent.

The infection and spores present in them will be completely destroyed. It can also easily kill ringworm from surfaces, bedding, dog or cat bedding, or elsewhere. Read more about, Banned laundry detergents in NY.

3. Bleach

This is the easiest and preferred way to kill ringworm. Chlorine Bleach can kill it on clothing within 10 minutes. Therefore, by including bleach in the laundry, you can easily get rid of it.

For a normal load, use 3/4 cup of bleach. And for larger loads, include 1/2 cup of bleach. You can use 2 cups of bleach to wash bedding, sheets, blankets, curtains, large towels, or other large fabrics. This is one of the reliable and primary remedies to kill it.

4. Borax

Borax combined with laundry detergent can kill ringworm in a pinch. You must add borax to a normal load. It can eliminate many types of mold, fungi, and infections. It makes your clothes clean, washed, dust free, and free from infection.

Ringworms can be killed by spraying borax directly on clothes. You can put one spoon of borax in half a liter of water and put it in a sapper bottle, you can sprinkle it directly on the clothes. This will also work as a surface disinfectant.

5. Laundry Disinfectant

Laundry disinfectants like Lysol OdoBan can help you. Both are multipurpose cleaners for washing clothes. They act immediately on the ringworm and kill it.

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer can be used in normal loads to kill ringworm. Sprinkling Leesol sprays directly on clothes can also eliminate it. Because Lysol and OdoBan have antibacterial properties that claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria, it’s perfect for removing it from any surface and clothing. Know, Does Lysol kill fungi

6. Alchohol

Rubbing alcohol can get rid of ringworm. But at the place where you have ringworm on the clothes, rub alcohol on the same place and wash it in the normal cycle in the washing machine.

Rubbing alcohol definitely kills it, but alcohol becomes a more work and time-consuming option. So people give priority to other measures. Rubbing alcohol cannot be put in the cycle of a washing machine, it also becomes more expensive, and its excessive use is also not safe.

killing ringworm in laundry

Don’t Use for Killing Ringworm in Laundry

Don’t use these things in the laundry anymore. Because it is not very effective on ringworm, pay attention to these points as well.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar has antifungal properties and is also effective on ringworm. Some people use apple cider vinegar for removing stains from clothes. But it doesn’t help much. It may not completely eliminate it in the laundry. Hence some chances of infection remain. Which can create problems later. And can donate again on the skin.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Pay a little attention to this, hydrogen peroxide has the ability to kill ringworm, it will do this work easily. But this is not correct from the point of view of security. It can give you other chemical-related health issues.

It can cause infections, allergies, acne, or other problems on the skin. Therefore, for the sake of safety, we do not recommend using hydrogen peroxide to remove it from clothing. Know, Laundry detergent and yeast infections.

Can Ringworm Stay and Spread Through Laundry

By mixing the clothes of a person infected with ringworm and all uninfected persons and washing them in the laundry, it can reach all the clothes. In this way, even healthy people get infected, after which it can spread to all the members of the family.

It can spread through laundry when clothes are washed in the washing machine. Therefore, it must be noted that wash the clothes of the infected person separately. This is important to break the chain of its spores.

Can You Get Ringworm From A Laundromat

Many clothes come to the laundromat to be washed. It is possible that the clothes of ringworm also got there and some spores remained in the washing machine. it can get on your clothes.

If one washes clothes at the Laundromat and does not choose a good detergent and proper washing cycle. So, it can survive in the laundering washing machine and spread to other clothes. Therefore, you must use the proper laundry method and detergent.

Does Dryer Kill Ringworm

To kill ringworm spores in clothing, the dryer’s heat level must be above 110°F to be effective. This means that the clothes do not need to be washed with borax, bleach, or special detergents. You can easily dry it on high heat and get rid of them.

At What Temperature Do Ringworms Kill

To kill ringworm, temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit are needed. You can set this temperature with hot water or with the dryer running in warm mode. This temperature can be easily obtained to kill it from clothes. More about, Detergent cause BV

Best Laundry Detergent for Killing Ringworm

Here is a list of the best-handpicked laundry detergents that can kill ringworm. Use them with warm water.

  1. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer
  2. Sweat X Sport Original Activewear
  3. Tide Original
  4. Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent
  5. OdoBan Laundry Disinfectant
ringworm laundry advice

Ringworm Laundry Advice

The following are specific tips to protect clothes from ringworm or to rid them of spores thoroughly during laundry.

  1. The clothes of the person who has ringworm should be washed separately. This is the main reason for the maximum spread of infection during laundry.
  2. Infected person’s towels, bed sheets, bags, socks, bras, and any other clothes should not be used, it spreads quickly.
  3. It is safer to rid the clothes of all household members of ringworm during the laundry. For which we have told the proper solution.
  4. Do not use very hot water as it weakens the fibers of the clothes and breaks them. Which reduces the life of clothes.
  5. Before washing clothes, be sure to check the laundry symbols on them. So that you can know which cloth is suitable for bleaching, ironing, and hot, or cold washing.
  6. If the skin is sensitive then more chemical-based detergents and soap should not be used. Because this ringworm can be removed from clothes, but it can cause allergic infections and other infections for you.
  7. Stay away from pets and their bedding and clothing, if infected.


In case of ringworm, do consult a doctor and he will prescribe suitable creams and medicines for you. But to eliminate it from laundry, we have told you special methods. If you have any queries then feel free to write in the below comment box. Read more about, Purchasing laundry detergent with an OTC card.


How Long Ringworm Lives in Your Clothes

The problem is that their spores can survive in clothes as well. It can survive in clothes like towels, bedsheets, pants, shirts, tops, etc. for 18 to 20 months, and can give an infection to the skin.

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