What Do Mouse Urine Stains Look Like on Clothes

Have you ever seen mouse urine? If mouse urine gets on clothes, what is its stain like and how will you recognize rat or mouse urine stains?

In this article, we will tell you how to recognize mouse urine on clothes and remove mouse urine stains from clothes. If the smell of mouse urine remains in the clothes, then what should be done about it?

You will be given complete information on this topic. By reading this article, you will be able to easily identify mouse urine on clothes and eliminate stains and smells.

If you want to stop using mouse urine clothes, don’t do it, because we assure you that mouse urine can be removed from clothes. After reading this article, you can wash off the smell of mouse urine from your clothes and make them smell fresh again.

what do mouse urine stains look like on clothes

Are Mouse Urine Stains, Ordinary Stains on Clothes?

Clothes that are placed in areas where mouses might be found can become contaminated by mouse urine.

To protect your clothing and health, it is important to thoroughly clean any clothing that has been contaminated by mouse urine.

Our Laundry Detergent Soap team’s research revealed that a detergent with biological enzymes is required to remove mouse urine from clothes.

Some detergents, soaps, and cleaning agents are not able to remove mouse urine stains or odors well. The odor can also linger on clothes, making them difficult for you to wear.

Regular detergent is not the best choice for washing clothes.

What Do Mouse Urine Stains Look Like on Clothes?

The color of mouse urine is yellowish-orange, which makes it easy to see on clothing. The appearance of mouse urine on clothes can be pale or deep yellow-orange. 

The most unpleasant and foul-smelling thing you can find on clothes is mouse urine. It can stain clothing deeply, making even the most beloved shirt look old and worn.

Can a Mouse Urine Stain on Clothes Last Forever?

Yes, mouses can leave urine stains on clothes and other small patches of urine when they urinate. It is possible for urine from mice to remain on clothing for a very long time, making it unusable.

The amount of urine a mouse has urinated on can affect the appearance of the urine droplets or small puddles. You can often smell mouse urine before you see it.

How to Get Mouse Urine Stains Out of Clothes

Here are some effective ways to remove mouse urine stains and bad odor from clothes. You can do these methods at home using cleaning agents.

Be sure to use an N95-fitting mask and rubber gloves before trying any method and before touching clothing contaminated with mouse urine.

Because according to Environment, Health & Safety Online there are mouses that carry hantaviruses that carry a variety of viruses such as hantavirus that are capable of transmitting, many of which can cause serious illness to those exposed to the droppings or urine of mouses.

1. Laundry Detergent and Hot Water

You need enzyme-based laundry detergent and hot water and a dryer to dry your clothes.

Use only an enzyme-based laundry detergent to clean the soiled areas. These detergents are sold in pet stores, online markets and pet grooming supply shops.


  • Place your clothes in a tub or sink. 
  • Fill the tub or sink with hot water until the clothes are completely covered. 
  • Let Now, the clothing soak for at least more than an hour.
  • Drain the water. 
  • Take out the clothing that is still damp. 
  • Place the clothes in the washing machine. 
  • Use the enzyme-based detergent only to wash your clothes.
  • You should inspect the clothing for any stains or odors. You can dry the clothes in the dryer if you don’t find any. 
  • You can wash the clothes again in the dryer if there is any odor or staining.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar and baking soda are both natural ingredients that are not harmful and efficient for cleaning. 

They are a great way to remove the smell of mouse urine stains and odors from clothes. You need vinegar, baking soda, a tablespoon, and a cup.


  • To make this method work make the solution of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of water inside the spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution onto the area affected Make sure that it blends into the fibers.
  • Blot any liquid that remains with the help of a cloth or paper towel, taking care that you don’t rub it further.
  • Clean your clothes in the same way as usual with soap, softener for fabric, and bleach.

3. Hot Water and White Vinegar

You need a bucket or larger bowl, distilled white vinegar, and hot water. This will ensure that the solution does not cause damage to the material or alter the colors.

It is crucial to test any new cleaning product on a small area before applying it to the entire piece.


  • Fill the container with 2 parts hot water depending on how durable the fabric is, and 1 part vinegar.
  • Allow the stained piece to soak in the solution for at least 45 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • As usual, wash.
  • Let the fabric air dry until the stain is gone. The heat of the dryer can set the stain making it almost impossible to remove.
  • If the stain continues to persist, you can repeat the steps above.

4. Ammonia and Cold Water

It is important to test any new cleaning product on a small area before applying it to the entire piece.

This will ensure that the solution of cold water and the ammonia does not damage the material or change color. You need a large bowl or bucket, ammonia, cold water, dryer.


  • To make a mixture, add 1 teaspoon of ammonia to every half cup of water.
  • Allow the stained piece to soak in the solution for at least 45 minutes.
  • rinse thoroughly.
  • Wash as usual.
  • Allow the fabric to air dry until the stain is gone.
  • The heat of the dryer can set the stain making it nearly impossible to remove.
  • If the stain remains, you can repeat the steps above.
  • If the stain isn’t too severe, you can add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to your wash cycle.
  • Then, wash the clothes as usual.
  • There are specific cleaners that are made for pet urine.
  • These cleaners can be purchased online or at your local pet store.

Get Rid of Mouse to Protect Your Clothes From Mouse Urine

If you’re suffering from a rodent infestation, you could see feces that look similar to Apple seeds.

You may also see tiny knots in insulation or nesting material or even the perpetrators themselves.

It’s important to eradicate the mice.¬†Placing netting around areas in which they can be found like in cupboards will help in the case of minor infestations.

However, you’ll need to consult an expert if you’re experiencing serious issues.

Other areas where mouses prefer to reside include the walls of crawlspaces behind appliances, behind the ducting used for cooling and heating systems, and in furniture, particularly when it is placed against the wall.

Be extremely cautious and careful when handling any kind of mousetrap or other equipment.


The stains of urine and mouse feces and odors can be eliminated from clothes.

When you’re trying to keep an intruder out while also protecting your clothes and your space from invaders it can be a stressful experience.

So, it is important to utilize only the finest high-quality products. Protect your skin and eyes completely prior to applying cleaning agents on your clothing.

It is also possible to work out ways to keep pests away from your home to shield clothes from the ravages of urine and feces. Luckily, it is easily cleaned by using the use of a cloth.

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