Where to  Get Quarters for  Laundry

Written by Rocky

Image Source: Social Media


You can get quarters for laundry directly from the bank. If you don't have an account there, you can take a $10 roll directly. this is easy

Grocery Store

You can go to the grocery store and ask the cashier for quarters. He will check it for you. It is easy to get quarters there. It may also be near a laundromat.


You can get quarters by visiting a fast food restaurant. Here you can get quarters by ordering something. it may be near your home


Go there and exchange cash for coins at the change machine. This is also a way to get quarters for laundry.

Gas Stations

You can ask for quarters by visiting the cash counter of the store attached to the gas station. You will definitely be found there and you will be able to wash your clothes.


You can also get quarters from the pharmacy, by going there you can buy some small thing or any thing you need. This is also an easy option.

Vending  Machines

You can expect a few quarters in return for your remaining bills. As such, you can put down $5 to pay for a $1 snack and get 16 quarters back.


You can go to the libraries and ask for quarters. Because many people come to read books, whose bills are less. So they give quarters.

Big Stores

You can also get quarters for laundry by going to big box stores like Target and Walmart. There definitely everyone gets quarters.


Can go to Bowling Alley, Street Performers, Car Wash. Have you checked your piggy bank? From there also, you can get the quarter from home.


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