Dishes and Glasses That Came in Laundry Detergent

Cups, dishes, and glasses are found inside the box of some laundry detergents. You must know their quality and price. How safe is it for you to use them?

Why That’s Came in Detergent Boxes

Glasses and dishes are available in the box of DUZ laundry detergent. This gives you glass or dish free. Which is inside its box. This is very old in the history of the United States.

It provides good laundry cleaning facilities to the people, and along with that, it is also giving away free things. It is easy to use, and also very satisfying to its customers.

Quality and Price of That Glasses and Dishes

The glasses and dishes inside the detergent box are good and safe to use. You can use them but their strength is less. They are very delicate, so use them carefully. These are made of amber glasses, which are made of cheap glass and break with light pressure.

dishes and glasses that came in laundry detergent


Duz Detergent started a promotional campaign in the 1950s that included a piece of 22K gold-trimmed golden wheat dinnerware with every box of laundry detergent. 

In the 1960s, Quaker Oats Company also offered Anchor Hocking glassware in oatmeal boxes. This glassware was known as the oatmeal pattern because of its starburst design.

This promotion was started to increase sales of Tide detergent. To entice customers into buying the soap, Duz added a new plate, bowl, or serving piece to each box.

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People still have a lot of Golden Wheat dishes because they are nostalgic about their grandparents or parents’ Golden Wheat dinnerware.

These pieces were made for domestic mass distribution in oatmeal packages. These pieces include a berry bowl, a punch bowl, saucers, a custard or herbert bowl, and a soap dish (a juice tumbler, a short tumbler, and a water tumbler).

Growing up, we had many of these pieces in our house. Each time I opened an oatmeal box, I was so excited to discover a new prize.


The dishes and glasses that were available there are very cheap. This was the old method of DUZ to increase the market and by adopting this method it became popular.

DUZ increased the business with this technique. This brand was very much liked by the people and remained in history for a long time.

If you too have ever found a cup, glass, or dish in the box of detergent, then do write in the comment.

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