Banned Laundry Detergents in NY | What Are the New Laws

New York state regulators have restricted the use of several household laundry products, citing a recent state regulation that restricts the presence of a chemical thought to be a carcinogen in humans.

Recent tests by regulators revealed that Arm & Hammer Clean Burst, Tide Original, Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free, Clear and Gain Original, and Aroma Boost all included over 3 parts of million (PPM) of the chemical 1,4-dioxane. New York law limits the chemical found in laundry detergents to 2 parts per million.

The consumer-focused organization Ingredients Matter said it tested various detergent brands this year and found that the majority included some amount of 1,4-dioxane. This includes plant-based products.

banned laundry detergents in ny

PPM List of Banned Laundry Detergents in New York

S.NoLaundry Detergent NameParts of Million (PPM)
1.Arm & Hammer Clean Burst4.28
2.Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free and Clear3.44
3.Gain Original, and Aroma Boost3.32
4.Tide Original3.67

The study also found that Method Laundry Detergent was found to have 0.18 ppm and Seventh Generation Free & Clear had 0 ppm. This had the lowest 1,4-dioxane levels.

Tide Free & Gentle, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Tide PerClean Plant-Based, and All Stainlifters Free & Clear all fell within acceptable amounts under New York law between 0.4 and 0.31 ppm. So all of these are still valid in New York. Read more about, Laundry detergent and yeast infections.

Where to Buy Banned Laundry Detergents Now

As everyone knows that these 4 laundry detergents have been banned in New York. It is possible to buy them, but it is illegal to use them. You can’t use these four detergents anywhere in New York. You must think before buying these fours.

Online shopping is the only option you have to buy these. These four laundry detergents can be bought only by online shopping. Not available at all supermarkets and other stores in New York. So buy them wisely. Know about, Buying laundry detergent with an OTC card.

What are New Laws, To Take Banned Laundry Detergents in NY

Using these 4 laundry detergents is not good for the environment and water safety in New York as per the new laws. For this reason, these detergents that contain chemicals have been stopped in New York.

So, you can’t use them in New York subject to the new laws. If you do this then you can get a strong fine or punishment.


The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), Research centers are still doing research on laundry detergents, and some other cities may also ban these laundry detergents. So these laundry detergent companies need to tread carefully and move forward.

If you are from New York please don’t use this laundry detergent it has been banned. More, Does dish soap kill mold

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