2 Million Air Fryers Were Recalled | Know The Big Reason

In response to safety concerns, Cosori, a renowned manufacturer of kitchen appliances, has initiated a recall of two million air fryers.

The decision to recall was prompted by the receipt of 205 reports of incidents involving air fryers catching fire, melting, overheating, and emitting smoke, resulting in both physical injuries and property damage.

The recall has been implemented as a precautionary measure to mitigate the risk of further harm.

2 million air fryers were recalled Know the big reason

A recall of more than two million units of air fryers has been announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to over 200 reports of the devices catching fire, overheating, smoking, melting, and burning.

The affected air fryers were manufactured by Cosori and were sold at various retailers, including Best Buy, Target, and The Home Depot, as well as online, from June 2018 through December 2022. The recall also includes units sold in Canada and Mexico.

The root cause of the recall is a flawed wire connection. According to Cosori, a “closed-end crimp connector” that connects certain wires inside the air fryers may overheat in exceptionally rare circumstances, potentially leading to fires and burns.

Cosori has received a total of 205 reports of the affected air fryers catching fire, overheating, smoking, melting, and burning, resulting in 10 minor burn injuries and 23 minor incidents of property damage. Read for, Unfreezing a washing machine

How Does An Air Fryer Work

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook food, similar to a convection oven but on a smaller scale. The cooking process of an air fryer can be broken down into three main steps:

  1. Circulating hot air: An air fryer has a heating element that produces hot air, and a fan that circulates the hot air around the food. The hot air is typically heated to a temperature between 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the food being cooked.
  2. Rapidly cooking food: The hot air quickly cooks the food in the air fryer, creating a crispy exterior while keeping the interior moist. This process is similar to deep-frying, but instead of using oil, an air fryer uses hot air to create the same effect.
  3. Removing excess moisture: As the hot air circulates around the food, it removes excess moisture from the surface, which contributes to the crispy texture of the food.

To use an air fryer, you simply place the food in the basket or tray, set the desired temperature and time, and let the appliance do the rest. Many air fryers also come with pre-programmed settings for popular foods like french fries, chicken wings, and fish, making it easy to achieve perfect results every time.

Why Cosori’s Air Fryers Recalled

Cosori, a well-known brand of kitchen appliances, has initiated a recall of two million air fryers due to safety concerns. The recall was prompted by the receipt of 205 reports of air fryers catching fire, melting, overheating, and smoking, resulting in injuries and property damage.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has urged consumers to immediately discontinue using the products, as the wire connection is susceptible to overheating, raising the possibility of fires and injuries.

Following an extensive investigation, Cosori has confirmed that closed-end crimp connectors within the recalled air fryers, responsible for establishing electrical connections between certain wires, can overheat in rare circumstances, creating fire and burn hazards.

Cosori has provided a statement on its website acknowledging the issue and advising customers to take the necessary steps. Read for, mixing detergents

Recalled Air Fryers Names

The recalled air fryers were 3.7 and 5.8 quarts and gray, white, and blue, sold in black, or red with the following model numbers: CP158-AF, CP158-AF-R19, CP158-AF-RXW, CP158-AF-RXR, CAF-P581-BUSR, CAF-P581-AUSR, CAF-P581-RUSR, CP137-AF, CP137-AF-RXB, CP137-AF-RXR, CP137-AF-RXW, CS158-AF, CS158-AF-RXB, CS158-AF-R19, CAF-P581S-BUSR, CAF-P581S-RUSR, CAF-P581S-AUSR, CO137-AF, CO158-AF, CO158-AF-RXB, CP258-AF. 

Some Disadvantages of Using Air Fryers

Although air fryers are known for their ability to cook food in a healthier way by using less oil, there are some disadvantages associated with using them. Some of the common disadvantages of air fryers include:

  1. Limited cooking capacity: Air fryers come in different sizes, but even the larger models have a limited cooking capacity compared to traditional ovens. This means that if you are cooking for a large family or entertaining guests, you may need to cook food in batches.
  2. Longer cooking time: Although air fryers cook food faster than traditional ovens, they often take longer than deep frying. This is because air fryers rely on circulating hot air to cook the food, which can take longer than deep frying in oil.
  3. Requires frequent shaking: To ensure that food is evenly cooked, air fryers require frequent shaking or turning off the food. This can be time-consuming and can lead to unevenly cooked food if not done properly.
  4. Can dry out food: Since air fryers use hot air to cook food, they can sometimes dry out food, making it less juicy than deep-fried food.
  5. Expensive: Air fryers can be relatively expensive compared to other kitchen appliances, and some models may require additional accessories for certain types of cooking.
  6. Not suitable for all types of food: While air fryers can cook a wide range of foods, they may not be suitable for all types of food. Some foods, such as those with high water content, may not cook well in an air fryer.


Anyone with questions can call Cosori toll-free at 888-216-5974 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, email [email protected] or visit the recall website at www.recall.cosori.com.

Attention air fryer users! If you happen to own one of the recalled Cosori air fryers, listen up! It’s time to say goodbye to your beloved kitchen companion, but don’t worry, there’s good news too! Cosori wants to keep you happy and safe, so they’re offering you a free replacement air fryer or any other amazing Cosori product of your choice.

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